The Shark

There are around 500 known species of sharks which range in size from a few inches to around 12 metres in length. They also have varied habitats ranging from deep oceans, shallow coastal areas to fresh water habitats in some instances.

The Shark

Sharks are different from fish in that they do not have bones but rather have light weight cartilage skeletons which allows them to stay buoyant and also gives the sharks flexibility to make sharp turns when pursuing prey. They also have oily livers which gives them balance in deep waters and the thickest skin of any animal species (up to 15 centimetres).

- Interesting Aspects -

Aspect One

Sharks have very good eyesight; they possess a reflective layer of tissue which helps them see well in dark places. Fascinatingly deep-water sharks have light colour eyes that attract light and those living closer to the surface have darker coloured eyes to protect them from light.

Aspect Two

Great White Sharks have a killer sense of smell due to their giant olfactory bulb and an equally impressive sense of hearing with their ears located inside their heads and can hear prey as far as 900 metres away. This coupled with their electroreception ability makes them great hunters.

Aspect Three

These animals hardly sleep; most species have to continue swimming in order to breathe so they remain semi-conscious and can travel continuously for days. Great White Sharks are known to travel distances close to 4000 km nonstop, yes without resting or even eating.

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Get To Know Them

Sharks are nicknamed silent killers because of their inability to make sounds due to lack of vocal codes and therefore communicate through body language. This fascinating animal has eyes located on the inside of their heads giving them a wider view of their surroundings.

great white shark swimming
great white shark

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Survival in the Wild

Shark in Action

Great White Sharks are the largest predatory fish on Earth weighing up to 1 100 kg in adults. Have a look at this amazing video from Discovery.


Best Places to See Sharks

Crazy about sharks? Here's where in Africa where you're most likely to see this magnificent fish.

Get Up Close & Personal

Great White Sharks are found mostly in cool waters close to the coast throughout the world's oceans and are known to grow up to 6 metres.Despite their huge sizes they can jump up to 3 metres out of water to catch prey and they have a very powerful bite, about four times stronger than a lion.

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