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The Meerkat

The Meerkat also known as suricate is a small super cute diurnal mongoose that lives in deserts and grasslands of Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and the southern parts of Angola.

The Meerkat

Meerkats have long slender bodies, bushy brown striped fur, tiny black crescent shaped ears, a small pointed face and large eyes with dark patches around them. The patterns of stripes on their back are unique to each meerkat just like fingerprints in humans. They weigh an average of 1.5 kg and can reach lengths of approximately 50 cm.

- Interesting Aspects -

Aspect One

Meerkat have baby sitters and tutors. Baby meekarts do not forage for food until they are one month old and so before that time several baby sitters stay behind to watch over the newborn pups. When they reach one month the pups start to forage by following one member of the mob who acts as their tutor.

Aspect Two

They have a special look-out team which can be one or more individuals called a sentry who's duty is to scan the area for predators and other danger. They have binocular vision and play look-out from high points like the top of a termite mound and at the sense of danger make a high pitched squeal and everyone rushes for cover.

Aspect Three

When caught in the open by predators they pretend to be very ruthless animals. Congregating close together and making the most vicious hissing sounds as they raise their hair with backs to each other, showing their teeth and waving their claws, a stunt that gets the attacker fleeing as the group of meerkats look like one large ferocious animal.

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Get To Know Them

Meerkats live in burrows and are very social animals who live in mobs of about 20 members and in some instances can be as much as 50 members in a mob.Their burrows keep them safe from predators and the harsh African weather elements.

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Survival in the Wild

Meerkats in Action

The open deserts and grasslands expose the snack sized meerkats to numerous predators, it takes special skills to survive . Have a look at this amazing video from Nat Geo Wild


Best Places to See Meerkats

Crazy about meerkats? Here's where in Africa you're most likely to see these adorable animals.

Get Up Close & Personal

Meerkats are extremely organised with designated duties for every one of the mob members. They are omnivores and their diet consists of beetles, caterpillars, snakes, eggs, spiders, small birds, fruits and plants.

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