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The African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog also known as the Painted Dog or Cape Hunting Dog is a resident of arid areas and savannas and depending on availability of prey they can also be found in mountainous habitats, woodlands and scrublands of sub-Saharan Africa.

The African Wild Dog

These unique canids have slim lean bodies, long slender legs, a broad flat head, a short muzzle and large bat-like ears, they have beautiful colourful mottled fur of black, white, brown and yellow and each individual possesses a unique pattern of colours just like finger prints in humans. They hunt in packs with pack sizes going from 15 to 60 or even more, they possess a bushy white tipped tail that's intelligently used as a communication flag among the pack members during hunting.

- Interesting Aspects -

Aspect One

African Wild Dogs are unique to other canids, they have four peculiar toes instead of five on each paw, this is an adaptation feature that increases their stride, speed and stamina with an adult dog lasting more than an hour in pursuit of prey and reaching speed of over 65 km per hour.

Aspect Two

They are highly social animals and well known for their strong bonds and family values. Weak and ill members of the pack are supported, protected from predators and given food by the stronger ones. They also have very strong nurturing instincts and allow their young puppies to feed first on kills.

Aspect Three

These special canids differ from other members of the Canidae family in their vocal communication. Instead of barking or growling as expected of canids they make unexpected and hugely odd bird like twittering sounds which they use as their main form of communication.

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Get To Know Them

These highly intelligent social animals are the bulkiest and most solidly built of African canids measuring about 1.5 m long excluding the tail, with a shoulder height of about 60 cm and weighs up to 23 kg and prey on antelopes and large game.

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Survival in the Wild

African Wild Dogs in Action

The power of the pack! Wild dogs using their relay hunting strategy. Have a look at this amazing video from BBC.


Best Places to See An African Wild Dog

Crazy about African Wild Dogs? Here's where in Africa you're most likely to see this unique canid.

Get Up Close & Personal

Sadly, this beautiful animal is one of the most threatened carnivores in the world due to habitat loss and being hunted by humans for its damages on their domestic livestock. Their conservation status is critically endangered, and the largest remaining populations are found in Southern Africa and some parts of East Africa.

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